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What is TypeFacet Autokern?

The objective of TypeFacet Autokern is to create a free and open source tool that lets type designers automate as much of the spacing and kerning process as possible.
Autokern can perform auto-spacing (side bearing generation), auto-kerning (generation of kerning values for each pair of glyphs) or both.

We want feedback

TypeFacet Autokern is very much a work in process. The most useful contribution you can make at the moment is to review the examples (League Gothic and Linden Hill) and let us know what's wrong with them.

Sans-Serif Example: League Gothic

-37 (-46)37 (-15)69 (+3)34 (-2)38 (-3)6 (-14)71 (-1)77 (+1)34 (-16)
The League of Moveable Type's typeface League Gothic.

Serif Example: Linden Hill

-85 (-119)24 (-7)59 (+10)22 (+5)18 (-21)20 (-24)-4 (-26)22 (-20)-52 (-76)
The League of Moveable Type's typeface Linden Hill.



TypeFacet is distributed under the liberal Apache Software License 2.0.

Design Philosophy

Project Status

TypeFacet Autokern is an active project. It currently has a number of limitations, including:
The project's roadmap is to work towards acceptable kerning results first and to address these shortcomings second.

Getting started

Get started with the Autokern Manual